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Joe is an associate at the firm. Prior to joining McGuireWoods, Joe served as a Deputy District Attorney in Oregon, where he prosecuted the office’s complex financial fraud and elder abuse cases. Joe has substantial jury trial experience as first chair litigating both high-stakes felony cases and misdemeanor offenses. He also has civil litigation experience from the perspective of a government consumer protection division.


If you have ever telephoned a customer support hotline to be greeted with an explanation that “this call may be monitored for quality assurance,” you are familiar with the implications of various state laws governing the recording of telephone conversations. Most states have cold-war era wiretapping laws, with some states providing for two-party consent, meaning the recording party must announce to the other party it plans to record the call. Thus, the industry standard practice is to announce the call shall be recorded to avoid civil liability from such wiretapping statutes that provide private rights of action.Continue Reading CIPA: An Old Statute Provides a New Frontier for Serial Filing Plaintiffs Against Retailers with Online Chat Services